Monday, April 2, 2012

The Villages

We left Orlando yesterday morning and arrived at The Villages by 11:00.  The previous night on our way to the mall we got stuck in so much traffic that we wound up going directly to church.  On the way home we stopped at a Subway and bought a sandwich to share back in the room.  We were anxious to get out of there the next day.  The place we stayed was nice but more family oriented than we wanted to be.  Too many kids, been there - done that!  Now we're with the old folks but since it's Easter there'll be grandkids all over the place, but not ours.

Check in was  a breeze, we went to Publix to stock up on some good food after our previous 3 days of not such good eating and a bunch of buy one get one free bargains.  We sampled a good chicken dish and bought the ingredients to make a modified version.  There was an unexpected brief downpour in the afternoon and by the time we were thinking about dinner it was too late to make the chicken.  We decided to have hot dogs instead but never bought the sauerkraut and beans so we took the golf cart to Sweetbay.

At first we couldn't get the golf cart to start.  It had been charging all afternoon but it seemed dead.  I went inside to read the notes about the golf cart in case there was a clue.  The only thing it said was to check the batteries for water.  When we lifted the seat, I saw a switch that was set to off.  One flip of the switch and we were off.

Then when we were at Sweetbay we heard "Hi guys!" and there was Susie Q.  Friends from back home, who we haven't seen since we were all here 2 years ago, we ran into at the grocery store.  We don't even run into each other at Wegmans and Joyce & Richard live in the same town.

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