Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Deleting all photos from iPhone / iPad

Since I always have to look up how to do this (actually this is the 2nd time) I thought I would just post it here.  I usually save all the pictures I take on my phone until I realize they're taking up too much spae and then I want to delete them all.  They are all on my computer since I download them frequently so I'm not just throwing them out.

Here is one simple method I got from here:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer to the Mac’s USB port using your iPhone sync/charging cable.
  2. Launch Image Capture. You’ll find this in the Applications Folder.
  3. Make sure the iPhone is selected in the device list on the left side of the screen, and Press (Command Key + A) to Select All the photos.
  4. Click the red Delete button, at bottom of screen (red circle with slash through it - as shown on link page), to delete all of the photos.
  5. Confirm deletion when asked.
  6. Wait for the deletion process to finish. (If you have Gigs of photos on your iPhone, this can take awhile.)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sarah's Graduation

Larry drove to New York with Karen and John since I was already there and I met him at the Hilton where we were staying.  I had to walk right by Uniglo from Grand Central so that's how I happened to go there again and this time I found a jacket that I liked.

We had a wonderful dinner at the Capitol Grille in the Time Life Building.  When I knew that we were going to be eating there it reminded me of when we ate there for my parents anniversary.  Not at the Capitol Grille but on the top of the Time Life Building in a restaurant called Tower Suite.  When I researched it, I found that it closed a long time ago but also that it was featured in an episode (4/29/2012) of Mad Men.  I remember it being a prix fixe menu and very elegant.

The Capitol Grille was on the ground level and there was nothing fixed about any of the prices.  They could go high up!  But everything was delicious and it was an enjoyable evening.
 Larry got a piece of birthday cake since it was his birthday on graduation day.
Graduation was outdoors at Fordham and instead of it raining it was hot.  We sat for all the speakers but the handing out of the diplomas was taking place at different venues in the afternoon.  We left before that and I don't know if Sarah even stayed for that.  We never did see her that day.
The station was right outside the campus to get us back to Old Greenwich and we arrived just in time to get on the train, get back to OG, get my car which I left at the station and drive home.

We were going to be home for 13 days before we took off again.

Mother's Day Week at Greta's

I got home May 6th and May 8th I was on the road again to go to Greta's.  She asked me to come earlier than the weekend because she was going to be in Las Vegas for work and Tucker and Myles both had Mother's Day events that I was going to go to in her place.

When I arrived everyone was playing basketball, including a friend.
The Mother's Day tea at Tucker's school on Thursday was precious.  Each of the boys met their mother at the door of their classroom and escorted them to their seats where there were lots of presents waiting.  Then they served us iced tea in china tea cups and beautiful desserts.  We got to see all their work and visit with the other mothers for an enjoyable event.  Greta would have loved it.
 Birds nests with eggs.

 Friday morning I went to a Mother's Day event in Myles's class where each child wrote something for their mother and then read it to her in front of the class.  I held the spot for Greta.

Laura came on Friday for Mother' Day weekend.
 A little thumbs up
 Myles had diving practice
 Some LAX
 Why isn't anyone paying attention to the game?
 Electronics time??
 Greta came home and was greeted by her boys!
 More electronic time
 More sports
 Laura was feeling a little sad at our Mother's Day lunch, it was Greta's fault because she didn't want her picture taken :-)
 Now we were all happy
 More sports
 And more sports!  Tucker got a home run when he was at bat.
Laura took the train home and Greta and Charles went on a mini vacation for their 10th Anniversary.  Nadine came to stay with me on her way back from visiting Emily.  It was time for a nap.
We went into the city Monday and Tuesday.  One day we spent with Aunt Harrie and the next with Rich.  A little shopping too at Uniglo.
On our way back from lunch at the White Horse Tavern (this time I had one of their delicious hamburgers) we saw Obama's caravan driving right by Aunt Harrie's apartment as he was going to lunch.
All the police were out and so many barricades were set up.  The ones below were still up when we headed back to the train just waiting to be told they could leave.  Your taxpayer dollars at work.
We met Rich at his office on Tuesday and went to Le Pain Quotidien where we sat for a couple of uninterrupted hours and caught up on the latest news, with food of course.
Greta and Charles came back on Tuesday, Nadine left on Wednesday and I took Myles and Hunter to see Ironman 3 in Imax 3D because they got out of school early and it was supposed to rain, it didn't.
On Thursday, my day off, I went back to the mall where the movie theater was, went to DSW and bought too many pairs of shoes and then to Marshall's where I bought a pair of pants that I returned when I got home.

On Friday, I went to Tucker's Grandparent/Special Friend visiting day on Friday.
This time I knew exactly where I was going.  We all started in the auditorium where we had coffee and received a copy of the school magazine and then went to the classrooms.
 We worked on different drawing and craft projects and the class sang a song in Spanish.
 Tucker has his picture on the cover of the magazine and on various other pages inside.

Later that day I took the train into the city so I could meet Larry for Sarah's graduation.  I made another stop at Uniqlo and this time I found some things to buy.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Georgia to Home

Most of our drive home from Georgia was in the pouring rain with a big delay as we drove through Cincinnati until we stopped in Columbus for the night and an enormously cheese topped serving of chili at Skyline Chili.
The next day was a short ride home and I finished my car project before I got there.  I got the idea for the yoga mat from My Merry Messy Life
Also, about an hour before we got home my iPhone died so with Larry's phone I made an appointment for the Genius Bar and was there before unpacking and got a replacement. Unfortunately they could only give me exactly what I had before. It even had to be the same color, but I was happy to be able to go home with a working phone.

Two days later we went to dinner for Katie's birthday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Georgia - April 26 - May 5

Today is actually July 3rd and I haven't posted anything for 2 months.  I am going to try to recap, at least in pictures what's gone on in my life, which has been a lot, in those 2 months but will be putting it all in chronological order as if I had done this in a timely fashion.  So this first entry will encompass everything from when we left Florida through Allison's graduation on May 4th.

We went to Michael's lake house in Georgia on April 26th.
We played golf, tried to stay warm, the weather wasn't exactly great, played some golf, drove around the area and spotted this snake.
 We went to our favorite restaurant in Greensboro, The Yesterday Cafe, and got a Blue Plate Special.
 We each got the blackened grouper, but different sides and they have the most delicious cornbread!
 For dessert we shared their famous buttermilk pie.
We left on May 3rd and went to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA and stayed with Doris and Michael in a villa near to Auburn University for Allison's graduation the next day.  Unfortuantely the weather was cold and rainy and we even lost power for a while when we were trying to get ready for the graduation.  Fortunatley, the graduation was indoors.  We met Ally and a friend for dinner the first night at Irish Bred Pub in Opelika, AL.

 The next day we met at Ally's apartment.
 and then went to graduation

Larry and the graduate