Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 1 - Off to Fredericksburg

At 1:07 it started to rain hard. It's been lightly raining for a couple of hours but now the sky opened. I checked the weather for Fredericksburg and it said 90% chance of rain

For gas go past first exit with Exxon towards Harrisburg and there's another right past where we need to make a left onto 83

Got to the Marriott Towne Place Suites around 5:30 after a little traffic delay. Settled in with our cooler and backpacks and heated up some frozen homemade soup from home. I took 2 containers of frozen soup and one of applesauce as well as 2 blue freeze packs and everything was still frozen solid when we arrived.

Since we got up so early this morning we fell asleep early too. Only bad part was we both woke up around 1:30 in the morning and were awake for quite awhile. I even listened to 3 episodes of Bored Stiff on my phone (HBO GO)

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Visit to Laura and Greta

I went to Laura's on Saturday after postponing the departure date twice.  Once because Nadine had to change her date to visit Em because she (Nadine) hurt her back and then because there was an East Coast snowstorm on Friday.  I left Saturday morning and had perfect driving weather.

It was going to be a short visit because I was leaving on Monday but was able to accomplish my main objective which wa to organize Laura's bathroom closet.  I forgot to take a before picture but the after looked really good.
She made a creative recipe called turkey burger salad which was so delicious we had it Saturday and again Sunday, made from scratch both days.

We Skyped with Myles before he went to the second day of his diving meet at West Point and went to Zumba.

 When Laura was cleaning out her boxes, she came across Mr. Wonderful.

My few days at Greta's I hung out with Tucker who had off from school that week.  We played a bunch of Yahtzee games, went to lunch at McDonald's and of course he got some play time on my iPhone and iPad.  His favorite app this visit was FatBooth and he took these pictures.  Well, I took the one of him.

On Wednesday, I met Greta in the city.  She had an after work function so I wandered around H&M and Bloomingdales until we met up at Starbucks and then stopped for dinner before catching the train home.

The next day I left around 11:30 after Bev came back from her doctor's appointment and had a good drive home.