Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hilton Head Day 1

I started the day with an Aqua Fit class that was just great.  When I first got in I thought the water wasn't as warm as the pool at home but after awhile it didn't matter because the air was so warm.

My big discovery for the day was this bug in the guest bathroom.  Later on in the day it went for a swim.

Larry and I took a walk to Kroger's for sunscreen which we didn't have and mainly to do a walk.  4 miles round trip.  We went there last night for a basic grocery shopping to get us through a couple of days (drove).  They had grapes for $1.29/lb.  The best I've tasted this year.  We've practically finished them so we'll have to stock up.

After our walk we went to the pool down by our room.  For awhile we were the only ones there.  The most the whole time we were there was pribably 8 and it was mainly one family.  I finished reading (listening to) John Grisham's Gray Mountain.  

A selfie.

Panorama at the pool when there was only one other couple (not in picture).

Monday, August 17, 2015

To Hilton Head

On Sunday we drove 8 hours and stayed in Buckley, WV at the Fairfield.  We were so tired and lazy we went only as far as walking across the parling lot to a McDonald's for dinner.  Larry had the pulled pork sandwich and I had a fish sandwich and we shared fries.  

I was so tired when we went back to the room that I could barely keep my eyes open and I didn't even do any of the driving.  Knitting makes you very sleepy.

On Monday we had 7 hours more to go and now we're down to 1/2 hour!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Streets

All of the pictures/videos are courtesy of Greta. The first 3 she posted on Facebook, the last video she emailed.

New York City is such a fun place and Summer Streets really opens it up for New Yorkers and out of towners alike to enjoy it in a different way.  So glad my family was able to enjoy it.
This is the link to the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SummerStreets

And this is the website link http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/summerstreets/html/home/home.shtml

This is a great shot.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visit to North Canton

Can't believe I never finished this posting of our visit to Margie and John.  What do I mean I can't believe it?  Of course I can believe it, I got distracted.  I was making the magazine and never got back here.

We left on a rainy Tuesday in July - Bastille Day, in fact - the 14th and stayed until Friday when we went to Pittsburgh which was only 2 hours away.  Below is just the highlights of our trip since I put the details in the magazine (see bottom of page).

This is the view of their house in North Canton, Ohio from across the street.

We went to the Fanny Farmer store and factory and did the tour.  We also bought some bad candy but I got a $20 gift card for the $8 of bad candy.  Hope none of the other goes bad before we ever eat it.

We went to the Aviation Museum and toured around.

Read about Rhoda Wise here:   http://rhodawise.com/
Will she become a saint?
We went to her house.

We had lunch at the Gervasi Vineyard and wine of course.

We took a real canal boat ride - drawn by horses

At night we played euchre and/or phase 10

And this is my magazine

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Monday it was official.  The Transatlantic Cruise that we signed up to take in conjunction with the Norway cruise was cancelled.  Instead of having the Star come back to the United States it seems it will be going to Asia or Australia for new cruises that will be announced August 24th. 

We were really looking forward to sailing back and not having to fly and especially since we had such a good deal on the trip.  It was only going to cost us $1785 for both of us for 14 nights including gratuities.  So we cancelled the Norway trip too!

But today we booked a cruise for January 2017 to South America on Celebrity Infinity.  So there NCL!!