Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visit to North Canton

Can't believe I never finished this posting of our visit to Margie and John.  What do I mean I can't believe it?  Of course I can believe it, I got distracted.  I was making the magazine and never got back here.

We left on a rainy Tuesday in July - Bastille Day, in fact - the 14th and stayed until Friday when we went to Pittsburgh which was only 2 hours away.  Below is just the highlights of our trip since I put the details in the magazine (see bottom of page).

This is the view of their house in North Canton, Ohio from across the street.

We went to the Fanny Farmer store and factory and did the tour.  We also bought some bad candy but I got a $20 gift card for the $8 of bad candy.  Hope none of the other goes bad before we ever eat it.

We went to the Aviation Museum and toured around.

Read about Rhoda Wise here:
Will she become a saint?
We went to her house.

We had lunch at the Gervasi Vineyard and wine of course.

We took a real canal boat ride - drawn by horses

At night we played euchre and/or phase 10

And this is my magazine

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