Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hilton Head Day 1

I started the day with an Aqua Fit class that was just great.  When I first got in I thought the water wasn't as warm as the pool at home but after awhile it didn't matter because the air was so warm.

My big discovery for the day was this bug in the guest bathroom.  Later on in the day it went for a swim.

Larry and I took a walk to Kroger's for sunscreen which we didn't have and mainly to do a walk.  4 miles round trip.  We went there last night for a basic grocery shopping to get us through a couple of days (drove).  They had grapes for $1.29/lb.  The best I've tasted this year.  We've practically finished them so we'll have to stock up.

After our walk we went to the pool down by our room.  For awhile we were the only ones there.  The most the whole time we were there was pribably 8 and it was mainly one family.  I finished reading (listening to) John Grisham's Gray Mountain.  

A selfie.

Panorama at the pool when there was only one other couple (not in picture).

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