Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I finally finished these socks that I started a year ago.  So far I've done all my socks on dp needles.
For my next pair I'm going to try using the Magic Loop.  I just ordered a size 000 circular needle.
That's the size I need to use to have the socks come out with the fit I like.  Maybe one of these days I'll be able to make a pair good enough to give to someone.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New RAV4

I just leased my 4th RAV4 yesterday.  I kept the same silver color but the design is entirely different.  The tire isn't on the back end anymore, a feature I'll miss because it made finding my car easier in a parking lot and it opens up now instead of out.

So far I've had a silver 2006 a red 2009 a silver 2012 and now a silver 2015.  When I got the 2012 I was going to write to Toyota and tell them about all the changes I didn't like that they made to the car, but of course I never did.  I didn't even document them here and it wasn't until yesterday that I thought about it when I focused on all the changes that they made now that I don't like.  Maybe if I wasn't so lazy and didn't hate car shopping I wouldn't have gotten this car and would have looked for the perfect one, but I didn't.  It was easier just to take this one.

These are the things I didn't like that they did to 2012:
They took the phone buttons off the steering wheel and moved them over by the radio on the dashboard.  Dangerous!!  I don't remember how you looked up phonebook names in 2009 but the 2012 way also didn't seem as easy.  I didn't like that they got rid of SiriusXM radio, especially since Larry was paying for it.

But now in 2015 I have even more complaints, although I do like the advances in the technology and they did put the phone buttons back on the steering wheel.  I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't like that change.  BUT, THEY TOOK AWAY the upper glove box, the sunglass holder over the windows, the electric outlet in the back seat and the small upper storage area in the console storage box.  The pockets on the doors were reshaped so my maps won't fit in there anymore and who knows what else I'll find when I actually use the car.  They did put SiriusXM back in the car and I have 3 months free but Larry didn't volunteer to pay for it again so not sure if I'll get it since I usually listen to my books.  There's now GPS in the car, no choice, and they moved the backup viewer down to the GPS area from the rearview mirror which is nice.

1/25/15 - Update - another negative.  I don't like the door locking keyless mechanism.  On the old RAV4 you just pushed a button on the handle and all the doors would lock.  On this new one you put your finger where the grooves are and it locks.  However, unless I'm doing something wrong, it doesn't lock if you have gloves on.  I did get it to lock once with the gloves that you can use with an iPhone that has the special fingertips but I was only able to do it once.  I do love driving it though!

July 2015 update:  the back seats don't move up or back.  I noticed this when I wanted to move the seats up so I had more room in the back for golf clubs and cart.  Now the only way to get more space is to put the seat down but then you lose the seat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Greta's Interview in PRWeek

The original article is here:  http://www.prweek.com/article/1329336/pitney-bowes-conveying-new-identity-digital-age
It is reprinted here with no one's permission - hope it's OK - I'm the Mom!

How Pitney Bowes is conveying a new identity for the digital age

Pitney Bowes' VP of brand strategy explains what went into a major redesign and how the company is communicating about its new identity.

Pitney Bowes' former logo (left) compared to the new one (right)
Pitney Bowes' former logo (left) compared to the new one (right)

Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 - Thanksgiving to New Years

OK - now I am going to sit here and finish up 2014 so I can get on with trying to do a better job of keeping up with this.

In chronological order this is going to take me from Thanksgiving to New Years so here goes.

Laura and I drove back here from Greta's on Monday, Nov 24th, after spending the weekend going to 7 AM hockey games with Tucker.  It was a beautiful unusually warm day for November.

 And as an added bonus we got to see a double rainbow, a couple of times.
 For dinner that night we had a healthy salad.

The next night we went out with the Harrisons and Michael & Doris to Rocco's for dinner.

On Wednesday,  we took a walk down to the boat docks to check on our kayaks.  

It looked like a fall day and I guess it still was and then Karen had us all out to the "cottage" for Thanksgiving.  Francesca stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday night and came with us to Karen's.  

Below is a colorful pan of roasted veggies.
 Jim, Claire, Michael & Doris
 Laura, Francesca and Me
 Kris, Michael, Karen, Larry, Kim (missing - Margie)
 Larry and the grandkids
 John, Francesca and Laura
 A filled to the top crust apple pie that Kris made and we got to take it home
 This was another recipe that Kris made - Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars with Streusel Topping and we got to take that home too.  She also made the pumpkin pie.
Since I didn't take any more pictures I don't remember what else we did, but I took Laura to the airport on Saturday and the next day we put up our tree.
On Sunday Laura and I were texting with Tucker.  He showed us pictures of the trees they set up and I showed a picture of mine.  Tucker then asked Laura for a picture of hers.

On Monday we had a bunch of neighbors over for dessert since we had those good desserts from Thanksgiving.  Just in case there wasn't enough I decided to make a pumpkin pie.  Unfortunately I didn't have any pie crust, didn't feel like going to the store and didn't want to roll out a crust either but I figured if I googled a no roll pie crust I would find one.  I did and I made it.  It might not have looked to pretty but once the filling was in, who could tell the difference.  And the best part was you made the whole thing in the pie plate.

Just so we have a record of it, this is how we decorated the tree this year, all red.
I bought a pair of really heavy mittens so taking walks outside isn't painful, even on the colest days.  Below is how I look when I need to stay warm.
 The bluejays 
 and robins are still hanging out
 On December 7th, for the first time ever we were around to go to the Christmas concert at St Rita's
The next day we went to a Christmas event at CCR put on by SJFC (will I remember what those letters mean next year or even next month??)
 Our iMac was running really slow so I ordered an additional 4GB of memory thinking it would be easy to install.  After all, I added additional memory to our laptops years ago.

 I tried and tried but just couldn't get the memory to fit in.  I called Crucial (who I ordered it from) and we tested all the memory and they were all working but they would never connect.  After my thumbs were dented from trying to push the memory in for hours over one night and the next morning, I broke down and took the computer and memory to Fixing Fox, a computer place in Pittsford,  http://www.fixingfox.com/.  I can't remember the owner's name but he was so helpful and it wasn't easy for him to insert the memory either.  It just didn't go in to the two empty slots very easily.  He had to turn the computer on its side and wrap his arms around it and push really hard.  So glad not to have to deal with it anymore.  The only down side, I'm not sure it made that big a difference.  I have to try not to have too many things open at the same time.
I watched the first half of season 7 of Mad Men so I'm ready for the final episodes when they air this year.
We had a bunch of snow so got out our snowshoes and walked around in circles down by the pool.

 I did a bunch of baking, banana bread, oatmeal cookies and finnish coffee bread
That night we went to Geva for a Fisher event and saw a musical version of A Christmas Carol
Now here's something I should have taken a picture of but I'm really slipping and forgot.  I had a plastic bag with pears sitting on top of the toaster oven.  Before dinner, I turned the oven on to preheat and after a while remembered about it.  Here's a picture of what the pears looked like which was nothing compared to what the oven looked like with melted green plastic all over the top.
 I googled how to clean off plastic and tried many of the suggestions but what really worked with little effort was this solvent that we had right in the house.  De-Solv-It Contractors Solvent.  It had to be this heavy duty Contractor one.  The plain DeSolvIt just didn't cut it in the same way.  It came off and looks as good as new.  Have to remember this in case there's a next time.
On December 17th I was able to remotely watch the Brunswick Choral Concert on my iPad
The next day I saw the gas get below $3.00
 Nadine sent a handcrafted balsam pillow with her Christmas card this year.

 We went to the Huggers Christmas Party the day Laura arrived so we didn't have to do a "selfie."
Karen hosted Christmas on Monday for all the locals.
 Just the three of us had a Christmas Eve turkey dinner.

 We had our picture taken with Santa at Ann's party.  Christmas day Audrey & Steve came over for dinner.  I made filet along with the turkey.  Everything was so good.  We had leftovers for days.
For New Years Eve we stayed home and Mary came over for dinner.  A nice relaxing night.  We stayed up to watch the ball drop and I put hats on our picture.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hunter's Day

Greta shared this email that she and Charles got from Hunter's media teacher.    I am so proud of Hunter and Greta and Charles fur the great job they are doing with all three boys.

"I've been meaning to email much sooner but there's always something that comes up through out the work days that interferes. So I set an alarm on my phone to sit down and type this very important email to you.
This email is important as I want to express to you what a wonderful son you have.
 Hunter has been a pleasure since the start of the school year. He is attentive during media class instruction. He is engaged in the work.
 He is patient with technology. He is respectful of his peers. He's always polite at bus duty. 
When he arrives in the media center he not only greets me hello but asks how I am doing that day. He even says good-bye and have a good day while boarding the bus. 
I will be a first time parent of a son in just three weeks! I know that being a teacher and being a parent are two very different things.
 But having been a teacher for 12 years, I have had many students and come to know many families. It is not often that I send an email to parents in awe of how they raised their child. But I am today.  I admire how you have raised Hunter and I only hope that my son can be as diligent, kind, and respectful. 
Thank you."