Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kauai #1 - 5/26 - 5/28

Saturday, May 26
While we waited for the Hertz van at the Kauai airport we were greeted by a rooster. Little did we know how popular they are here. One of the theories of why there are so many is that when hurricane Iniki hit in 1992 chicken farms and backyard chicken coops were destroyed setting the chickens free and they've been free to roam ever since.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

On our way to Kauai

I'm waiting at the airport for Larry to drop off our rental car

Maui #2 - 5/23 - 5/26

May 23, Wednesday
We took a drive south along the west shore of Maui until we ran out of road.  There was a lot of lava there and black sand.  I took a few pieces of lava for souvernirs and then had a funny feeling about it so I Googled a query, found that it was bad luck and promptly put it back.
This island is so interesting.  It can be dry and desert like in one area and if you keep driving it becomes green and lush.

Maui #1 - 5/19 - 5/22

May 19, Saturday

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arrived in Maui

After sitting on a plane for over 8 hours from Chicago we arrived in Mai 34 minutes early - lucky break. I love this airport , it's small and our bags came off so quickly.

I love my new luggage - can't miss it!

Larry's getting waited on now at the Hertz counter and then we have a 45 minute drive to our resort.

Friday, May 18, 2012


My dear friend Marney, whom I haven't seen since high school owns a vacation rental home on Kauai in Hanalei.
I didn't realize until now that it is 4 miles from where we'll be staying.

The in between weeks

We came home from Florida on Sunday, April 29th.  On Monday I went to the dentist for a crown that I lost the previous Friday.  It came off my tooth Wednesday night.  I was eating something and all of a sudden something really hard was in my mouth.  I was able to put it back on my tooth and hoped I wouldn't have any pain until I could get home and see the dentist.  I then forgot about it and it must have been while I was eating a big plump grape that I swallowed it and never knew it.
I have another appointment for June 4th.

On Tuesday I went to see Conor at Hoselton and replaced my leased red Toyota Rav4 for a silver Rav.  I love the bluetooth enabled automatic playing of my books from my iPhone. 
There were tons of blossoms on the apple tree.  Last year we didn't have a single apple so I wonder if this is the year for them.
I spent a week unpacking, packed to go to Greta's and went to Katie's birthday dinner at P.F. Chang's

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting ready for Hawaii

After going through my clothes that were all over the bed for the last time, well it probably won't be the last time, I was able to get them into one side of the medium size suitcase.  But as I was looking at some of my new tops I thought that I could use some new jewelry to go along with them.  I went into my craft corner and whipped up two necklaces and two pairs of earrings.  I was glad to be able to do that since I had all these beads and findings that I bought over a year ago and have barely used.

Here are my creations with the blouses they are matching.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beef and Guiness Stew

I came upstairs to print out my packing list so I wouldn't forget anything for our trip to Hawaii.  Of course, somewhere along the line I got distracted and looked at the People magazine hightlights on my Google homepage.  I saw the article about Molly Sims and her baby shower and was curious because I wasn't really sure who Molly was, even though I recognized her name.  Sorry Molly!  So I read the article and went to her website and being as curious as I usually am looked around and came across this recipe that I want to try. Good pictures of the food on Molly Sims website and it's a recipe from Gavan Murphy (I didn't know who he was either).  Guess I'm really out of touch.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Macaroni and Cheese

This is a recipe I want to try when we come back from Hawaii.  Larry saved it from the paper while I was in CT so I guess he's glad that I agree it looks good.  But oh so fattening!!!

Old Greenwich

On Tuesday I drove to CT.  It was a rainy, gray day but not hard to drive in since the rain never got so heavy that you couldn't see.  Wednesday Nadine and I were meeting in the city, first to meet Rich for coffee at 10 and then to Aunt Harrie's at 1 for lunch.

We left Aunt Harrie's at 6 and had such a good time it seemed like we were there for 2 hours instead of 5.  We were glad to have the time to spend there instead of rushing like we did the last time when we went to the 911 Memorial.
I met Greta at the train and it was my first experience drinking wine with a straw.

On Thursday I was going to go to a music contest between the students and parents with at Tucker's school but on the way to school Tucker, who said his stomach hurt before we left home proved that he wasn't kidding by throwing up in my car before we ever got to school.  I knew it was going to happen because he started to cry so I quickly pulled off onto a side street and then we went home. 
Instead of going to school with him we went to the doctors.  They did a throat culture and we had to wait for the preliminary results.  Tucker was happy about that part because he got to watch Scooby in the waiting room although I had to assist and hold his hands for the throat swabbing after he grabbed at it the first time.
 That night Greta, Hunter and I went to Myles orchestra concert at his school.
On Friday I was supposed to go clamming down at Todd's Point with Tucker and his class but he still wasn't feeling well enough to go so we hung out at home until Laura came.

Myles showed me how he trained his hamster to come to him on command.
 Greta, Laura and I went out for a girls only dinner Friday night.  First drinks at the Beach House.
 Myles and Hunter got haircuts on Saturday
then since it was such great weather a trip to the beach across the street at low tide
Next it was sports time and the first place we went was Hunter's lacrosse game where they did a team picture so I took one too
Now it was Myles's  lacrosse game, as you can tell the weather was hot!!!
Tucker practices his lacrosse technique
 The redheads, Hunter and Laura
 Tucker is a champ at Blitz
 I went to Hunter's flag football game on Sunday.  His blue lips are a mouthgard
 Then we met Laura, Greta and Tucker at Le Pain Quotidien for a Mother's Day breakfast. 
Myles was at his trael team lactosse game where we went next
 Time for the good bye picture