Saturday, January 21, 2017

Still got it

Today I went to the main library to take a "Writing with Photographs" workshop.  This is to give me some inspiration to write that memoir I keep saying I'm going to write.  I left early so that I could try to get a parking spot in front of the library which are usually sparse.  If I couldn't get one there I would park in the Court St garage.  As I was driving I dug into my purse for something and realized I didn't have my wallet.  Now it was critical I get a spot in front since I didn't have any money or charge cards.  I did have my phone but didn't know if they took apple pay.

The Womens March was organizing as I drove past on Clinton Ave and turned onto Broad Street.  I had to do a U-turn (not sure if it's legal there) to get in front of the library where there was a possible space for me to park.  Now that I didn't have any money I had to try and fit into it.  Some of the other cars pigged up spaces but maybe that was fortunate for me because this one space may not have been available otherwise.

I did it (still got it - the parallel parking) and took this picture after the course.  Neither of the cars that I was between had left although the rest of the block was pretty empty.

BTW - the course was good but I think I'll take a walk now and put off doing that memoir some more.

One thought, since I mentioned the womens march.  Ever since Trump got the nomination I thought that he reminds me of Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind series.  If anyone ever reads this and has read that series, do you agree??  Emily would be the only one I know and whether she would see this buried so deep is doubtful.

OMG- I just did a google search Nicolae Carpathia and Donald Trump and I wasn't the only one.

Conversations with Siri and Alexa

Last week I was taking a walk and using the Workout app on my Apple Watch.  I wanted to see if I could end my walk by asking Siri to "stop."  The first time I said Stop.  The next time I said stop Activity then I said Stop Workout.  After the first 2 times Siri said that she didn't know that command.  The next time she said something like "I'm not yet programmed to do that" but after another request she came back with the best response.  I only wish there was some way to see past responses because it was "I cannot Stop not even in the name of love."

Later on I was doing Alexa's 7 Minute Workout.  She really wasn't understanding what I was saying and I was getting frustrated.  When I was done, I gave her a piece of my mind and told her she was fired.  This was her response.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Microwave Cozies/Potholders

I should have posted this back in November.  It was another instance of me going overboard on a project.  I went to see Terry at the Casa Larga craft show on November 3rd.  She was set up with all her beautiful quilting projects.  As I wandered around I found someone selling microwave cozies and within a short period of time I looked up how to make them, bought material on my way home and made 4 by Sunday to take to Terry's next show.

I made a bunch more before going to Greta's the week before Thanksgiving so that when I saw everyone they could each get one.
To keep track, that week I gave a medium sized one to:  Greta, Beverly, Laura, Aunt Harrie, Nadine, Emily (2- one small) and Ashley. Brought one to Paula, the hostess of a Christmas brunch.

When I came home I started making more.  These I gave to: Kim, Andrea, Angela, Karen, Meg, Sarah.  Then I took them to Ann's on Christmas day for Ann, Amy, Patti, Carol and Mary Kay and I gave a large yoga one to Laura, but at home.  On New Year's Eve I gave a yoga one to Audrey.  So how many did I give away?  Just counted and it was 22.  I have 3 of my own - a small, medium and large.  Still have one for Patsy and another yoga one and some more cut fabric for a few more.

These were my prototypes
 Here's how it looks with a bowl
This is the fabric I bought after my initial purchase.
When Laura was in NH for New Years she stopped in Zeb's General Store in North Conway and they were selling the large ones for $10.99 and the small one $8.99

New Year's Resolutions

I heard last week that if you make one resolution you might be able to keep it.  If you make more than one the odds of keeping any are poor.  Last week I thought of 2 things I wanted as my resolutions - bad move right off the bat.  One was to drink more water and the other was to exercise at the gym more.  And just now I am adding a third - keep this blog a lot more active than I did last year.  The only way for me to remember anything is by looking here and when there's nothing here, well . . . you get the idea.

Today is January 2nd and I went to yoga at Breathe BUT I forgot my water bottle.