Monday, January 2, 2017

Microwave Cozies/Potholders

I should have posted this back in November.  It was another instance of me going overboard on a project.  I went to see Terry at the Casa Larga craft show on November 3rd.  She was set up with all her beautiful quilting projects.  As I wandered around I found someone selling microwave cozies and within a short period of time I looked up how to make them, bought material on my way home and made 4 by Sunday to take to Terry's next show.

I made a bunch more before going to Greta's the week before Thanksgiving so that when I saw everyone they could each get one.
To keep track, that week I gave a medium sized one to:  Greta, Beverly, Laura, Aunt Harrie, Nadine, Emily (2- one small) and Ashley. Brought one to Paula, the hostess of a Christmas brunch.

When I came home I started making more.  These I gave to: Kim, Andrea, Angela, Karen, Meg, Sarah.  Then I took them to Ann's on Christmas day for Ann, Amy, Patti, Carol and Mary Kay and I gave a large yoga one to Laura, but at home.  On New Year's Eve I gave a yoga one to Audrey.  So how many did I give away?  Just counted and it was 22.  I have 3 of my own - a small, medium and large.  Still have one for Patsy and another yoga one and some more cut fabric for a few more.

These were my prototypes
 Here's how it looks with a bowl
This is the fabric I bought after my initial purchase.
When Laura was in NH for New Years she stopped in Zeb's General Store in North Conway and they were selling the large ones for $10.99 and the small one $8.99

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