Saturday, January 21, 2017

Still got it

Today I went to the main library to take a "Writing with Photographs" workshop.  This is to give me some inspiration to write that memoir I keep saying I'm going to write.  I left early so that I could try to get a parking spot in front of the library which are usually sparse.  If I couldn't get one there I would park in the Court St garage.  As I was driving I dug into my purse for something and realized I didn't have my wallet.  Now it was critical I get a spot in front since I didn't have any money or charge cards.  I did have my phone but didn't know if they took apple pay.

The Womens March was organizing as I drove past on Clinton Ave and turned onto Broad Street.  I had to do a U-turn (not sure if it's legal there) to get in front of the library where there was a possible space for me to park.  Now that I didn't have any money I had to try and fit into it.  Some of the other cars pigged up spaces but maybe that was fortunate for me because this one space may not have been available otherwise.

I did it (still got it - the parallel parking) and took this picture after the course.  Neither of the cars that I was between had left although the rest of the block was pretty empty.

BTW - the course was good but I think I'll take a walk now and put off doing that memoir some more.

One thought, since I mentioned the womens march.  Ever since Trump got the nomination I thought that he reminds me of Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind series.  If anyone ever reads this and has read that series, do you agree??  Emily would be the only one I know and whether she would see this buried so deep is doubtful.

OMG- I just did a google search Nicolae Carpathia and Donald Trump and I wasn't the only one.

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