Friday, June 26, 2015

Jazz Festival

This week we finally went to the Jazz Festival.  Fisher was hosting events at the Lyric Theater, which is going to be beautiful when it is renovated, so for the first time we decided to go.  We went on Wednesday and saw pianist Fred Hersch who was excellent.  And then we signed up to go again on Thursday.

Instead of going to any of the other venues we decided to go to Trata's for dinner and use the gift certificate Laura gave us for Christmas in 2013 - better late than never.   We went early, about 5:30 and all the outdoor seating was gone but we sat downstairs and had a fantastic meal.  The warm pretzel sticks with a mustard and raspberry/cheese sauce were the best !

The pianist on Thursday was Bill Charlap and he was tremendous!!  After that we had a dinner put on by SJFC at The Lyric and then went to some of the other venues - Max's, some of the tents, Xerox Auditorium and Christ Church.  It was a perfect night and now having done it, we'll be going back again next year.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Losing it!

OK - I admit I am pretty forgetful lately but what gets me is how I can not only be forgetful but so dumb!!

Today I played golf and parked across the street from the clubhouse and the first tee.  In order to save time, I got all my stuff together including my credit card to pay for the round and walked over with my clubs and cart.  I paid for the round and put my credit card in my pocket.  Fast forward 6 hours.  That's a reasonable forgetfulness time isn't it?

I ordered a movie from redbox online and used the credit card that is on file with them, which is the same one I used this morning.  Larry and I went to Wegmans and did some shopping and then went to the redbox machine in the store to pick up the movie.  I pulled out my wallet to get my credit card but it wasn't there.  Oh, oh, what did I do with it?  I mentally retraced my steps of when I used it last and remembered that it was this morning and that I put it in my pocket.  I checked my pockets and it wasn't there.  If it wasn't in my pockets where would it be?  I probably put it in the little bag that hangs from my golf bag.  That's where I put my keys and cell phone and probably forgot to take it out.

After getting home and unloading the car I went to get the card out of the little bag - NOT THERE!!

I checked every single pocket in the golf bag.  I wouldn't put it in with the golf balls but I looked anyway, not there.  It wouldn't be in with the tees but I looked anyway - not there.  Not in any of the other compartments either.  I looked in my pockets again.  Both side pockets and the ones on the sides of the capris (like cargo pants pockets) - still not there.

I went back in the house and looked one more time through my purse and dumped everything out not thinking it would be there since I had left my purse in the car before going to pay for golf.

My next steps were:
1)  Call the golf course to see if anyone turned in the credit card - NO.
2)  Call the credit card company and tell them I lost my card
3)  Contact Redbox and tell them my tale of woe - they couldn't cancel the order but they did send me a credit.

We decided to bypass the movie for tonight and get it another time but how I could have lost the card still boggled my mind.  I went back out into the garage to check the car one more time.  Maybe I pulled it out with my phone and left it on the passenger seat where I knew I originally put my phone after taking it out of the cart pouch.  It was a hopeless move since Larry sat in that seat on the way to Wegmans.

My brain started working double time.  How could I have lost the card?  I remember rationalizing which pocket to put it in after I paid my fee and as I walked back into the house my hand reached behind me and as I walked into the house I announced, "I found my credit card!"

Back pockets - how could I have forgotten they existed.  Losing it!
Now I have to wait for the new card to arrive and update all my accounts that use it  :(

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Greta Visit

It's hard to get a picture with all of the boys and me but I managed to get into pictures with all of the boys but not at the same time.

Maybe I should photoshop myself into this one.

I loved these wall photos

On Saturday I went into the city and saw Nadine, Gerry and Kay at Aunt Harrie's.
When Charles and Greta came back from the wedding at the Cape they came to Rocky.  Not very good swimming weather.
 Mark Cuban's boat Fountainhead was anchored off shore.
Myles is now taller than I am.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

To download video click on the link below the image.   There is an arrow at the top of that page that you can click to download.  It needs to be downloaded to a computer not iPad or phone.

New link- widescreen for HDTV

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Laura Visit

After graduation I got to Laura's by 4.  We talked about going kayaking at the new location in Waltham so eventually we made our way down there.  We drove, got there just after 6 which was good because I forgot to bring my quarters but the parking was free after 6.  We walked along Moody St and stopped in to Paint n Pour where they were going to do animal pictures that night.  I looked them up the next day and they came out really good, look here.  The painters had emailed a picture of their pet and the staff copied them onto canvas using a projector.  I'll need to get one of those for when I start painting, after I write my memoir :)

We walked up and down the walkway by the river and then decided to eat at Margarita's.  There were 11 ahead of us for sitting outside so we decided we didn't want to wait.  Instead we sat outside deciding on where to go to eat and then decided to eat there anyway.  Now there were only 9 ahead of us.  We waited an hour.  Well worth it.  It was a beautiful warm night.  The last one before 3 days of gray and rain.  It looks like we were in 2 different climates.  I have a jacket on and Laura is sleeveless but she put a sweater on shortly after because the sun was going down and it was getting cooler.

On Sunday Laura did an early morning oil change, then we went to the gym.  Yoga for me and Zumba for Laura.  I talked to Penny after class about her hip surgery.  Poor girl has to do it again.  She's going to a new doctor this time who does the Anterior technique - doesn't cut through muscle.  We went to Marshall's after that and I found a great top for $7.50, Laura got a tray for her earrings.  The main reason to go to that area was to go to Market Basket where I stocked up on Schweppes Diet Tonic.  We bought a bunch of other stuff for our meals for the rest of my visit.  That night we had turkey burget salad.  Once home I revealed my Williamsburg nightmare to Laura.
Laura did work that night and I organized my scanned pictures on my new laptop.

On Monday we went to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and scooped up lots of good deals.  Laura got the pants and skirts and I got the tops.  Chicken quesadillas for dinner and baked tomatoes with the tomatoes I brought from home.

When I first arrived, Laura greeted me with this can of Coke that she happened to get - perfect timing.  I'm taking it home with me.

I brought her cuttings of her plant that she brought home from college after her freshman year.  Don't know if it will grow or if she'll have it the next time I'm here.

 I cut back the rest of the plant and this is what I have at home.  It reached the ceiling before I trimmed it.

Now I'm off to Greta's.