Friday, June 26, 2015

Jazz Festival

This week we finally went to the Jazz Festival.  Fisher was hosting events at the Lyric Theater, which is going to be beautiful when it is renovated, so for the first time we decided to go.  We went on Wednesday and saw pianist Fred Hersch who was excellent.  And then we signed up to go again on Thursday.

Instead of going to any of the other venues we decided to go to Trata's for dinner and use the gift certificate Laura gave us for Christmas in 2013 - better late than never.   We went early, about 5:30 and all the outdoor seating was gone but we sat downstairs and had a fantastic meal.  The warm pretzel sticks with a mustard and raspberry/cheese sauce were the best !

The pianist on Thursday was Bill Charlap and he was tremendous!!  After that we had a dinner put on by SJFC at The Lyric and then went to some of the other venues - Max's, some of the tents, Xerox Auditorium and Christ Church.  It was a perfect night and now having done it, we'll be going back again next year.

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