Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Laura Visit

After graduation I got to Laura's by 4.  We talked about going kayaking at the new location in Waltham so eventually we made our way down there.  We drove, got there just after 6 which was good because I forgot to bring my quarters but the parking was free after 6.  We walked along Moody St and stopped in to Paint n Pour where they were going to do animal pictures that night.  I looked them up the next day and they came out really good, look here.  The painters had emailed a picture of their pet and the staff copied them onto canvas using a projector.  I'll need to get one of those for when I start painting, after I write my memoir :)

We walked up and down the walkway by the river and then decided to eat at Margarita's.  There were 11 ahead of us for sitting outside so we decided we didn't want to wait.  Instead we sat outside deciding on where to go to eat and then decided to eat there anyway.  Now there were only 9 ahead of us.  We waited an hour.  Well worth it.  It was a beautiful warm night.  The last one before 3 days of gray and rain.  It looks like we were in 2 different climates.  I have a jacket on and Laura is sleeveless but she put a sweater on shortly after because the sun was going down and it was getting cooler.

On Sunday Laura did an early morning oil change, then we went to the gym.  Yoga for me and Zumba for Laura.  I talked to Penny after class about her hip surgery.  Poor girl has to do it again.  She's going to a new doctor this time who does the Anterior technique - doesn't cut through muscle.  We went to Marshall's after that and I found a great top for $7.50, Laura got a tray for her earrings.  The main reason to go to that area was to go to Market Basket where I stocked up on Schweppes Diet Tonic.  We bought a bunch of other stuff for our meals for the rest of my visit.  That night we had turkey burget salad.  Once home I revealed my Williamsburg nightmare to Laura.
Laura did work that night and I organized my scanned pictures on my new laptop.

On Monday we went to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and scooped up lots of good deals.  Laura got the pants and skirts and I got the tops.  Chicken quesadillas for dinner and baked tomatoes with the tomatoes I brought from home.

When I first arrived, Laura greeted me with this can of Coke that she happened to get - perfect timing.  I'm taking it home with me.

I brought her cuttings of her plant that she brought home from college after her freshman year.  Don't know if it will grow or if she'll have it the next time I'm here.

 I cut back the rest of the plant and this is what I have at home.  It reached the ceiling before I trimmed it.

Now I'm off to Greta's.

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