Monday, June 22, 2015

Losing it!

OK - I admit I am pretty forgetful lately but what gets me is how I can not only be forgetful but so dumb!!

Today I played golf and parked across the street from the clubhouse and the first tee.  In order to save time, I got all my stuff together including my credit card to pay for the round and walked over with my clubs and cart.  I paid for the round and put my credit card in my pocket.  Fast forward 6 hours.  That's a reasonable forgetfulness time isn't it?

I ordered a movie from redbox online and used the credit card that is on file with them, which is the same one I used this morning.  Larry and I went to Wegmans and did some shopping and then went to the redbox machine in the store to pick up the movie.  I pulled out my wallet to get my credit card but it wasn't there.  Oh, oh, what did I do with it?  I mentally retraced my steps of when I used it last and remembered that it was this morning and that I put it in my pocket.  I checked my pockets and it wasn't there.  If it wasn't in my pockets where would it be?  I probably put it in the little bag that hangs from my golf bag.  That's where I put my keys and cell phone and probably forgot to take it out.

After getting home and unloading the car I went to get the card out of the little bag - NOT THERE!!

I checked every single pocket in the golf bag.  I wouldn't put it in with the golf balls but I looked anyway, not there.  It wouldn't be in with the tees but I looked anyway - not there.  Not in any of the other compartments either.  I looked in my pockets again.  Both side pockets and the ones on the sides of the capris (like cargo pants pockets) - still not there.

I went back in the house and looked one more time through my purse and dumped everything out not thinking it would be there since I had left my purse in the car before going to pay for golf.

My next steps were:
1)  Call the golf course to see if anyone turned in the credit card - NO.
2)  Call the credit card company and tell them I lost my card
3)  Contact Redbox and tell them my tale of woe - they couldn't cancel the order but they did send me a credit.

We decided to bypass the movie for tonight and get it another time but how I could have lost the card still boggled my mind.  I went back out into the garage to check the car one more time.  Maybe I pulled it out with my phone and left it on the passenger seat where I knew I originally put my phone after taking it out of the cart pouch.  It was a hopeless move since Larry sat in that seat on the way to Wegmans.

My brain started working double time.  How could I have lost the card?  I remember rationalizing which pocket to put it in after I paid my fee and as I walked back into the house my hand reached behind me and as I walked into the house I announced, "I found my credit card!"

Back pockets - how could I have forgotten they existed.  Losing it!
Now I have to wait for the new card to arrive and update all my accounts that use it  :(

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