Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hunter's Day

Greta shared this email that she and Charles got from Hunter's media teacher.    I am so proud of Hunter and Greta and Charles fur the great job they are doing with all three boys.

"I've been meaning to email much sooner but there's always something that comes up through out the work days that interferes. So I set an alarm on my phone to sit down and type this very important email to you.
This email is important as I want to express to you what a wonderful son you have.
 Hunter has been a pleasure since the start of the school year. He is attentive during media class instruction. He is engaged in the work.
 He is patient with technology. He is respectful of his peers. He's always polite at bus duty. 
When he arrives in the media center he not only greets me hello but asks how I am doing that day. He even says good-bye and have a good day while boarding the bus. 
I will be a first time parent of a son in just three weeks! I know that being a teacher and being a parent are two very different things.
 But having been a teacher for 12 years, I have had many students and come to know many families. It is not often that I send an email to parents in awe of how they raised their child. But I am today.  I admire how you have raised Hunter and I only hope that my son can be as diligent, kind, and respectful. 
Thank you."

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