Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sarah's Graduation

Larry drove to New York with Karen and John since I was already there and I met him at the Hilton where we were staying.  I had to walk right by Uniglo from Grand Central so that's how I happened to go there again and this time I found a jacket that I liked.

We had a wonderful dinner at the Capitol Grille in the Time Life Building.  When I knew that we were going to be eating there it reminded me of when we ate there for my parents anniversary.  Not at the Capitol Grille but on the top of the Time Life Building in a restaurant called Tower Suite.  When I researched it, I found that it closed a long time ago but also that it was featured in an episode (4/29/2012) of Mad Men.  I remember it being a prix fixe menu and very elegant.

The Capitol Grille was on the ground level and there was nothing fixed about any of the prices.  They could go high up!  But everything was delicious and it was an enjoyable evening.
 Larry got a piece of birthday cake since it was his birthday on graduation day.
Graduation was outdoors at Fordham and instead of it raining it was hot.  We sat for all the speakers but the handing out of the diplomas was taking place at different venues in the afternoon.  We left before that and I don't know if Sarah even stayed for that.  We never did see her that day.
The station was right outside the campus to get us back to Old Greenwich and we arrived just in time to get on the train, get back to OG, get my car which I left at the station and drive home.

We were going to be home for 13 days before we took off again.

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