Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A month at The Villages - April 16-17

April 16 - Monday
Fred left today around 11:00.  Larry and I took a golf ride over to Lake Miona Rec Center to check out their fitness walk.

After checking it out we decided we weren't very fit and better hit the "Y" when we go home and work on building up some strength.  I could barely lift my legs up in front of me.  We took a walk around the complex (twice) for 1 mile and then walked some of the nearby neighborhoods for another mile.  After we got back we played a game of Shuffleboard - so far the only sport I can do without injuring myself.  I was ahead at the end of the first column of scores on the board but then Larry managed to pull ahead and win (as usual).

No pool today, it was really windy and cloudy.  It was just about as hot in Webster as here.
Larry played golf at 4:00 and I was going to go to Jo-Ann's and some other stores but sort of lost interest in the thought of having to drive over so just took a walk to Sweetbay and bought some more limes.  Need to be ready for Happy Hour.  We had leftover Chicken Tortilla soup for dinner.

April 17 - Tuesday
Today we went to Coconut Cove for some shuffleboard. Larry won the first game but I won the second. YEA!! 
 We were amazed at how low our scores were.
After an afternoon at the pool we got together with Joyce & Richard and Sue & Rob for drinks and then dinner at Bonifay Country Club
 where we enjoyed a variety of dinner choices outdoors.
 The sky was a treat as we left.

 April 18 - Wednesday
 Now we're waiting for Nadine and Mchael to arrive but we haven't heard from them so don't know when they'll be here. Hopefully we'll be here when they come :>)

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