Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pleasant Dreams Sweet Katie

I first met Katie Walker when she was Katie McBride and lived down the street from me on Thornton Rd.  She was on my babysitting list when Laura and Greta were babies.  When she couldn't babysit her younger sister Patsy came to babysit for me.

Fast forward about 14 years to 1985 and I went to work at Xerox and who was in my group, but Patsy.   We became fast friends and remain so.  She is even my godmother (another story).  Greta then babysat for Katie's son Nathan.  Over the years I saw Katie every now and then, she was at Xerox too, but always kept up with her life through Patsy.  Katie had three sons, Nathan, Chris and Kyle.

In March she was diagnosed with lung cancer, yesterday morning she passed away.

Katie, be happy and pain free now.  You will be missed by family and friends but never forgotten. 
Christmas 2006
Patsy & Katie planting for me, 2010 - my best flowers ever!!
Post chemo - May 2011

This is my second obit for a friend in a week.  When I said to Greta that I hope the superstition about bad things coming in threes doesn't mean there's going to be another death, she said "Well, let's hope the third is a dying plant."  Let's only hope.

And here is Katie's official obit:

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