Saturday, September 3, 2011

How-tos for Kindle, DRM and Overdrive

This is mainly so I don't forget how to do what I just figured out how to do.  How did I ever live before Google?  Anything I want to know I can find.  And these are my findings for today.

Don't ask me what got me started looking on Overdrive for an ebook for Larry.  I should have been finishing the purse I started 1 1/2 years ago and finally got back to this morning.  Somehow I diverted to the computer and did some research on a salon that was offering a Keratin hair straightening on Groupon and the next thing I knew I found an app that could convert all types of ebooks to a Kindle.  Larry has a Kindle and I always listen to my books.  I've used Overdrive to download audio books and I knew that they also had ebooks but they were not compatible with the Kindle.
I've been using Overdrive since it first came out, or since our library first made it available.  At first it was mainly audio books but then they started adding ebooks.  Now the ebooks are so popular that all the books that I looked for had waiting list status only.

But I wanted to test the app that could convert to kindle, yes, now I remember, it was the software that got me started looking on Overdrive but I don't remember what led me to the software.  I downloaded some ebooks from Overdrive and from there I realized that it was a many step process, involving many downloads and installations to get what I wanted but IT WORKED!!

Here it goes:
The software to convert any type of ebook to any type of other format is called calibre and you can get it here:  A wonderful app.

Calibre would be all that is needed except that the books that are downloaded from Overdrive need to be converted to epub format since they are downloaded as acsm files.  That means that Adobe Digital editions is needed to convert the book into an epub file.  That can be gotten here:
Next, most of the books are DRE protected, which means they can't be used in any other way other than as intended.  A lot of people buy ebooks that have DRE and find they can't use them on the device they wanted.  Next comes the app that will remove the protection.  That is described here along with other helpful apps all rolled into one zip file:
and that page will take you to here for the download:
and here are some instructions:

Now that I've documented all the places to get what is needed here is what needs to be done when there is a book that needs conversion:
1)  Get book from wherever you like and if it does not automatically work on a kindle, continue
2)  If it's from overdrive, right click on the acsm file and bring it into Adobe where it gets converted to an epub.  Adobe put my book
3)  Try to load it to the device.  If it says it is DRM protected, just drag and drop the file into the DeDRM and it will immediately convert it and put it in the folder you requested at setup.

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