Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catching Up with Friends

This has been my week to finally get out and see some friends.  Tuesday Betty and Mary came over for lunch.

Last night I got together with Barb.  I saw her new deck, new landscaping and met Ernie.  I didn't take any pictures of how great everything looks but I did get some pictures of Ernie.  It was so much fun spending all that time together after way too long.  When I was working I used to see Barb every day because we sat next to each other.

Today Nancy and I went to lunch at Pier 45.  That has become my favorite summertime outdoor restaurant for lunch.  It was a beautiful day to sit outside along the Genesee River and catch up also after way too many months.  Nancy and I go back to when our girls were in nursery school together.

After lunch we drove past Irondequoit High School where all our children went, many years ago, although to us it seems like only yesterday.  They were the first school in the area to start today.  Rochester City schools start tomorrow and the others don't start until after Labor Day.  Looked like a Fire Drill for the first day as we drove by.

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