Monday, October 15, 2012

October 10 - 15 (a little late)

Lots of Visiting Before Leaving for Myrtle Beach

It was two weeks from the time I got back from visiting everyone until we left for Myrtle Beach but I never got a chance to post my pictures so while I'm watching The View and just relaxing I can catch up with that. (today is 11/2)

I drove to Old Greenwich and met Nadine at the LaQuinta where we were staying.  We went to Greta's and exchanged gifts that we brought and went out for dinner with Greta at Baang.
The next day Nadine and I took the train into the city then walked down 7th Ave on our way to Aunt Harrie's.  It was a brisk day and with the high buildings we didn't get too much of the sun on us.
 We were happy to get here and stop for a cup of coffee and way too much of sweet stuff!
 The symbol of the Fashion District

 The fashion walk of fame.
 Our photo op with Aunt Harrie
We spent about 5 hours visiting, probably the longest we ever have since we didn't have any other plans for the day and we never ran out of anything to talk about.  We took a break and walked over to the White Horse Tavern for lunch.  They're famous for their hamburgers and Dylan Thomas.
When we got back to CT, after a brief rest we met up with Greta's book club at The Beach House where we discussed Gone Girl amidst other topics and glasses of wine, etc and some snacks.  It turns out that 2 of the gals used to live in Aunt Harrie's neighborhood and one in the same building.  Fun, fun day and night!

On Friday Nadine and I were very lazy, watching TV and chatting until it was time for her to leave to visit Em and me to start my grandkid activities.
My first stop was to watch Tucker play in his school soccer game.  It was a practice and these were all kindergardeners from his school.  Tucker scored so many goals for his team that the coach switched him and another boy to the other team so they could have a chance too.
Then it was off to the Y where Hunter had swim team practice and everyone else just went swimming, including Mom but not me.

 Tucker got to take Poquito home for the weekend because he was good in Spanish that week.
 Greta and Charles went to the movies that night and I stayed home with the boys and watched a DVD - I fell asleep but they insisted I read a story after it was over.
The next day it was time for the Old Greenwich Pumpkin Patch.  I was Greta's assistant to collect and replenish tickets for the games and prizes but first a stop for hot coffee.
Myles and friendsg

Hunter had a little Ying and Yang face painting.
I delivered Hunter to his flag football game and watched the end of Tucker's, then brought Tucker to the Pumpkin Patch

I took over Greta's duties with the tickets when she took Myles to his flag football game.  At the end of the event I almost lost Tucker when he went outside while I was trying to figure out what to do with all the tickets.  But we found each other, which was a good thing since Greta warned me before she left "not to lose him."  Tucker and I went to see the end of Myles game but Tucker was happy to sit in the car and play a game on my iPhone.
The next morning we painted some mini pumpkins.

Tucker and I played lots of games of Yahtzee Hands Down while I was there.

A quick game of hockey to start off the outdoor activities.  Greta and I were getting ready to go to Laura's.

The first thing Greta did when she got to Laura's was rearrange her furniture in the living room.  Now she has a good walkway to the kitchen.
We took a walk/run on the Minuteman Trail.

Stopped at Laura's office to print out Greta's boarding pass for Amtrak and we went out to dinner where we ate way too much but it was oh so good.
The next morning Greta and I left before 6:00 AM to go to the station and then I continued home.  Since we didn't have any coffee it was 3 hours before I made my first stop and it was a rest stop in New York with a Starbucks!!

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