Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leaving Virginia

We got on the road before 9:00 and should be in Myrtle Beach around 3:00. According to the weather forecast we shouldn't have any rain from Sandy but 3 days of winds.

This pumpkin was a decoration at breakfast this morning.

On the drive down we saw so many Davey Tree trucks as well as other tree companies heading north a well as warning signs about the storm but we never ran into anything.

Unlike last year, after we got into our room we headed to the grocery store for some breakfast things since we had our leftovers from the night before for dinner. 

While the storm was heading north, we guiltily enjoyed a sunset.


Em said...

Seems like an unappetizing pumpkin for breakfast! A+ for creativity though!

Barb said...

Fortunately it was off in the corner with the apples and bananas, not where you get your main food - but right across from where I was sitting. I also gave it A+ for creativity.