Saturday, October 27, 2012

On the road

On the road to Myrtle Beach. First stop Fredeicksburg, but instead of the Fairfield Inn where we usually stay we're going to the Residence Inn for a change of scenery. We're using a free night from the Marriott credit card.
We've been on the road for an hour. It's very gray and we have driven through 2 fog patches.
Our first stop was @ 11:00. Can't believe I lasted so long after 2 cups of coffee - large ones!!
We had lunch as we drove and stopped again @ 1:20 for gas. Walking through the store. I realized I forgot to pack the homemade banana bread and oatmeal cookies.

Now at 2:30 we're getting some sun through the gray clouds.

We arrived at 4:20, and it was 70 degrees and sunny. After checking in to our one bedroom suite we walked across the street to the Spotsylvania Towne Center Mall.
We had dinner at the Cancun Margarita Bar & Grill. I restrained and didn't get a margarita but I had a taste of Larry's and it was perfect. We started with chips and salsa and then ordered our dinners. We each got a burrito and boxed more than half of each!

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