Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach - Day 2

This morning it was really cold, only in the 40s but we still had sun and no rain.  We had our owner update this morning where we learned more about the Destination program in which we graciously declined to increase our ownership.  But then the third person we saw offered us a deal we couldn't refuse.  A week at the resort, a cruise and 45K points.  What a deal!!

We took another walk on the beach in the afternoon going south this time.  The pools on the way to the beach were deserted.

The beach was pretty deserted too.

It was cloudy when we started out and the wind was coming right at us.  Coming back the sun came out and all of a sudden we were really warm.  Not too much of a need for beach toys this week.

At 4:00 was the owners cocktail party and we met one of the couples from last night's newlywed game and enjoyed talking to them.

Back at the room we ate something and Larry took a quick nap.  (I won't post that picture - just like I didn't post the one from the other night when he nodded off.)

Tomorrow my plan is to go to "Morning Stretch with a twist of Yoga"  and then to pool Aerobics.  We'll see how good I do.

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