Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aunt Harrie is a Fashionista

This is so amazing.  Sometimes I think I have supernatural powers or else there are a lot of coincidences in my life.  Didn't someone say there isn't any such thing as coincidence?  Yesterday I was on the Overview page of my blog in Blogger and of course I got distracted by the heading "Recent Blogs of Note," so I thought I had to check them out to see what they had that I didn't (ha, ha - somebody reads them).  I looked at the first one which was a sort of food blog and then got hooked on the one called ADVANCED STYLE.  It caught my attention right away, because the blogger is a young guy combing the streets of New York looking for stylish older folks and most of them are older than me so I thought I could learn something.

I stumbled across a post about Lucy who was sitting in a park in the West Village.  As soon as I saw the pictures, I thought the park looked just like the one near Aunt Harrie's.  Then I thought I should send Ari (the blogger) a picture of Aunt Harrie sitting in the park.  Whenever Nadine and I meet in the city and visit Aunt Harrie, we usually spend some time in the park, sometimes we get to meet her friends and of course I take pictures.  Nadine is in all of them, I'm hardly in any.  The last time we had someone take a picture of the three of us, my eyes were closed, but there I go diverting from the topic.

So I looked for my pictures, found one that I could edit Nadine out of and started to write an email to send with the picture.  Then Laura called so I was talking to her and just sort of browsing through the site.  I wanted to see when he started it so I went back to the initial posts and all of a sudden I landed on a page that had a small picture of Aunt Harrie.  I clicked the picture and it brought up a post where she was the first picture on the page.  I couldn't believe it, Aunt Harrie was already on the site as a fashionable older person, which of course she is.  Click on her name if you haven't already to get to that post, just scroll down the page to see her.

I called her tonight to see how she was doing with the approaching hurricane and she said she was just fine.  Her location is outside of the evacuation area, I checked that online yesterday.  I also asked her if she remembered someone taking her picture and after I described what she was wearing she did recall the conversation she had with Ari when he asked to take the picture.  She doesn't have a computer so I'll print everything out to send to her.

Here are some more pictures of our wonderful Aunt who is our father's sister, proud to say she is 92, and our only living relative from that generation.  We cherish her. 

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible story, Barb! And your Aunt Harrie is a stunning woman ... I see where you get it! Thanks for sharing this with us!