Friday, June 24, 2016

Foot and Mouth

Today I had my second appointment at the Eastman Dental clinic in an attempt to figure out options of what to do with my teeth, or lack of, that makes the most sense.  As alluded to in previous posts I had a winter devoted to my teeth and wound up with two bridges less by the end of March.  One lower right which fell off before we went away for the winter and couldn't be glued back because there was nothing left to glue onto.  The other upper left afater getting two teeth pulled that were under the bridge.

I was checked and prodded for bone condition, full mouth x-rays, photos taken with a torture contraption held in place by the assistant as the dentist took the photos, that hurt my stretched lips more than anything.  The lips need to be well moistened and stretching exercises should be done beforehand, if only I knew.  Then I had a 360 X-Ray.  This whole process took 2 hours.  My next appointment is July 14th when I will get the results.

Then when I got to read my emails I saw that Gerry sent out a note that he was having surgery on his foot similar to one he had in 1992 but on the opposite foot.  Of course, I had a picture of that and sent it.

Then also sent the update.

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