Monday, June 6, 2016

A Day with Aunt Harrie

Bev and Tucker dropped me off at the OG train station and I bought my ticket and enjoyed waiting for the train in my favorite 80 degrees and sunny weather.

The train had power that worked so I was able to charge my phone - in both directions.  

I didn't get a metro card when I bought my tickets because I could only find one for $25 and I would never use it before it expired so I figured I'd just wait till I got to the station.  Since there were lines at all the machines I asked an attendant if I could buy a 2 trip metro ticket and he looked at me and said "What you should get is a senior round trip."  I was about to kick him but since he was probably close to my age and followed up with "But that machine is broken so I'll let you in" and he proceeded to unlock a gate for me to go through.  It doesn't seem like that long abo when I was getting proofed to prove my age.  Even on the train ride in and back the conductor didn't look twice when I handed him my senior/medicare train ticket.

I got to Aunt Harrie's around 1:20 and we visited, looked at pictures and had a Mexican lunch.
Aunt Harrie was diagnosed with cellulitis on Friday and after a couple of days on antibiotics she's much better.  Her friend Lil stopped by to check on her and Joy came back from picking up next door neighbor Alan from the hospital.  He hobbled in on his walker a little while later.  He had knee replacement surgery.  
When everyone was gone we took some selfies.
Then Aunt Harrie said she was tired and that was my cue to leave.  Besides it was already 4 o'clock.  The time went by so fast.

Since my hip was feeling good and it was such a spectacular day I decided to walk.  I walked down 7th Ave the whole way for 2 reasons.  One, it has lots of good stores and teo - in case my hip started to give me a problem I could hop on the subway.  I decded to take a photo of my interesting sights along the way.

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