Monday, June 6, 2016

Greta Visit

I arrived on Thursday and it was hockey, hockey and more hockey.  I almost had lacrosse thrown in on Sunday but Tucker's hockey team made it to the finals and he wanted to play in it.  This is the video of the game (but only when he was in it).

Hunter also played on Sunday before going to his lacrosse games.  He was easy to identify with his unique sock style.

Everyone won on Sunday.  Myles and Hunter's respective lacrosse teams won their divisions championship and Charles, who was in Lake Placid for a mountain bike race got his spot in a Colorado race.

Myles is way taller than me now.

Tucker had his last day of school on Friday.

After we picked him up at school, Hunter, his friend Tripp, Bev, and I went to see The Jungle Book.

Sunday night after an awful storm that lasted about 5-10 minutes (I was home with Tucker and Greta rode trhough it with Hunter) we all went to the Beach House for dinner.

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