Thursday, July 14, 2016

Purse Crazy

I am an addict.  I must admit it.  I get sucked into something and I can't stop,  The only thing that saves me is I am also ADD so I get bored after awhile and move on to some other addiction.  For the past two weeks it was purses.  I wanted to make two purses.  One for Margie and one for me and I wanted to make them using jeans pockets.  But then I wanted to find the perfect purse pattern and had to keep trying new ones.  I still have one more that I want to make but then I will move on to my next obsession - painting.  Or am I just trying to postpone that memoir that I want to write.

Anyway here are the purses I've done so far.

 The last one I did is reversible but too small for what I want.  The final purse I'm going to make is going to be reversible but the size of the other ones.  Not in denim - using some fabric I have left over from other things.

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