Thursday, July 28, 2016

First Dental Procedure

Well, I was going to have my half tooth pulled as my first procedure at the Eastman Dental clinic today.  Half tooth, what's that?  That's the half of the tooth that was left after my bridge was removed when I had to have 2 teeth extracted this winter in Florida.  However, since I had taken 6 alendronate (generic Fosamax) pills over the previouse 12 weeks (one every other week) I have to wait 2 months.  Back when I had a tooth pulled around 2007 there was a conern about Fosamax and tooth extractions, then 2 years later when I had another tooth pulled the concern was gone.  Well it seems that since 2014 the concern is back again.  I went there already knowing this.

Since I'm having issues with this tooth and we're going to be out of the country for almost a month before the two month critical period passes I had a procedure done to take out any living material in there.  It wasn't exactly a root canal.  The dentist had to go into my tooth with these tiny little files and dig out whatever was in there.  It was a very tedious procedure and his assistant was washing with some bleach stuff as he did it, therefore the precautions they took in the set-up so that none of the material would touch any other part of me.

Don't I look cute?

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