Saturday, February 27, 2016


"The best laid plans . . ."
I was going to keep up with this blog the whole time we were gone, especially since I was going to have my laptop on the cruise and wifi.  Now we've been back from the cruise for 5 days and I haven't done anything so let me start with our visit to Lila and Keith in Naples. (I'm dating this back to the day I should have posted this). I probably won't remember that much anymore but I do have pictures.  At least while we were there I posted some of the pictures on Facebook but I haven't done anything with FB since then.

We did have a great visit with Lila and Keith Wednesday through Saturday.  The first night we were there we were supposed to go to a spaghetti dinner in their neighborhood but since we had outdoor seating and rain was expected we had steaks indoors at their house and just chilled after walking around the community.

The next day we did the tourists tour of Naples and a little shopping too.  We went to Clam Pass park

and to the Naples Pier

At night we went to a dinner and a tribute show at their club that featured Rod Stewart and Elton John.
The food was delicious but it was held outdoors and it felt like winter.  In fact, we saw someone with a fur coat on.  Obviously someone who is a year round resident because what tourist goes to Florida with a fur?  But in the future, if you go in the early months of the year, it might be advisable.

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