Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Winter Vacation - Myrtle Beach

Our second day of driving took us to Myrtle Beach.  We got here early, at 3:00 PM and our room was ready.  I love using the Marriott app and doing Mobile check in. We're staying at the Fairfield Inn Myrtle Beach North but we just have a single room here.  The first thing we did was get the car washed and it looks brand new.  Then we went to one of those million beach stuff stores that have signs that say nothing more than $5.99.  I wanted to get some beach chairs for Florida and I found just what I wanted.  Surprise, surprise, lots of stuff is more than $5.99.

Then we stopped at the Bi-Lo store and got some food for dinner.

 Since my teeth are really bothering me and I'm trying to stay pain free until at least Port St Lucie (till home would be best) I'm trying not to chew anything.  We had the ice cream and that was it.  Mainly because we ate all 7 portions since we didn't have a freezer.  It was delicious.

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