Monday, February 22, 2016

Gerry and Kay's Wedding Weekend

We arrived at the Andell Inn around 1:30 but our room wasn't ready but we met Gerry and Alan across the street at the King Street Grill where we were going for dinner that night. Greta, Laura and Nadine got there about 2:30 and the room still wasn't ready so we hung out in the lobby until it was at 3:00.
We went to our room and left our stuff and changed for a walk (run for Greta).  Laura got the best picture with the horse using her selfie stick.
 The horse didn't want to put his head over the fence for us.
 I liked this shot of those guys walking ahead of me.
At 5:30 we met  in the bar
 before going across the street for dinner

Saturday morning, after breakfast (with mimosas) at the hotel

we caravaned out to Kay and Gerry's new house, that they won't be in until the end of March, for a tour.  First we stopped to check out this famous tree

Then it was off to the beach for a walk before getting ready for the wedding.

Nadine had hair and make-up done by Greta and she also finished my hair which turned out looking great.  We all looked so GOOD!!
The wedding was at the 300 year old Johns Island Presbyterian Church.  It felt like I should be back in colonial times sitting in the pews that had doors with locks on them.  The history of the church is interesting to read.

It was a beautiful wedding and a fun receptionist where we met Gerry's coworkers and neighbors who were all so warm and friendly.

We did the requisite picture of Nadine, Gerry and I.  This has been a traditon since the early 1990s.  See this post.

On Sunday we went to brunch at their current house before everyone headed home or off to other places.

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