Saturday, March 5, 2016


Since our cruise ended almost a month ago, I'll see if I can do a quick update here.  We left from Miami and left our car in the parking lot directly across the street from our terminal.
We immediately got into the mood.
One of the days on the ship we took a tour of the kitchen.
We loved having 24/7 internet
I bought this top and necklace at Chico's when we were in Jacksonville.  Larry found it while he was sitting in his chair in the store while I was checking out the sale items in the back.
We went to the pop-up Sushi restaurant and had the most delicious Spicy Mango Martini, although we did take off a lot of those peppers on top.
When we went to Cozumel we walked into town and back.  I got 19, 236 steps that day according to my fitbit - 8 miles.

Some flavor martini for me and a vodka gimlet for Larry.  As the week wore on we both got vodka gimlets.

My snake friends
How many shades of blue do you see?

I was on a mission to collect my charms on each of the islands
Our cabin is in the back here
I went to a painting class
Coco Cay is the private island

I never wore any of these clothes that I packed for the cruise.
Two vodka gimlets on the iced Martini Bar

Time to leave

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