Monday, January 6, 2014

iPhone Problems

Yesterday, all of a sudden, the headphone jack on my iPhone stopped working.  I was sitting down at the computer listening to a book on my phone and when I stood up the sound stopped.  At first I thought it just put itself on pause but that wasn't the case.  Then I thought maybe the earbuds weren't any good, even though it was a new set.  I tried other earbuds and my speaker but nothing worked.  That's when I decided to look up the issue on google.  I found lots of sort-of fixes, from rebooting to cleaning the jack to reinstalling the software.  I tried them all except for reinstalling the software because nothing changed from my sitting to standing.

I use my headphones a lot so it was something I definitely wanted working but since my phone is off warranty and everything else still works, I didn't want to have to get a new phone.  I thought maybe just an inexpensive mp3 player would work since all I really want it for is to listen to books.  Then I thought of my old iPhone (3GS) which stopped working a long time ago when the home button stopped working and it was before the workaround for the disabled.  That's when I got my current iPhone 4. Once the home button issue was resolved the other problem was that Voice Control would just come on all the time.  I jailbroke the phone so that I could find a fix for that but for some reason I was never able to, that is until yesterday.

I found this tweak "Disable Voice Control" and was able to install it and so far it works.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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