Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Garage Door Won't Close

While I'm on my how-tos I better add this one.  On Friday the garage door stopped closing with the remotes and would only close by holding down the button inside the garage until it totally closed.  I didn't know this until I left for the store on Saturday and had to call Larry from my car and tell him I couldn't get the door to close.  He was already aware of it, that's why I knew it stopped on Friday.
On our way to Unos for dinner Saturday night, after Larry pulled the car out of the garage, I held down the button in the garage to close the door and then went through the house to go out the front door, then I used my phone to look up our garage door problem.

After reading the solution, I remembered that we had this problem before so I thought I better put the solution here so I can find it again.

Problem:  Garage door opens fine with remotes but won't close unless button inside garage is held down until it closes.

Possible Cause:  The sensors aren't aligned or the wire needs a jiggle (may be a bigger problem here) and the door thinks something is blocking the door so as a safety precaution, it won't close.  Holding down the button in the garage overrides this safety feature.

Fix:  Line up the sensors by making sure a green light (at least for our door) is glowing on each one.


Giovanni said...

I am having the same problem with my gate. We have a wall around our property and all of a sudden the gate opens some of the time and some of the time it will take 15 minutes for it to work. It is not a fun feeling when I am coming home at night. Glad you fixed the problem.

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

Greg Marshall said...

This is definitely a sensor issue. If there was something stuck in the tracts, then the door would not open or close completely regardless which button you pressed. Simply make sure all the sensors are secure and aligned, then just reset the remote and your issue will be fixed. I have seen this many times, it really is a quick fix.

Greg Marshall @ Crawford Door Of WNY Inc