Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December Catch-up

Here it is January 8th and I haven't done any of my December posts.  Obviously I'm not following up on any of my New Year resolutions yet either.  So before I forget, here is a rundown.

Early in December I was making a cranberry, apple, peach compote and forgot about it and it burned the bottom of the pot.
I used baking soda added to water in the pot and let it simmer for a while and then let it soak.

Results:  clean pot as good as new.

Another method is to put vinegar in the pot to the burn line and let it soak, but I didn't have enough vinegar.

I ordered this picture for Myles
and made these slippers for the boys.

I went to one of Macy's every week sales and got all these things for $114 (my receipt said I saved $254).  What a DEAL!!
Here I am wearing one of my new sweaters when I went to my bridge club Christmas dinner at Hose 22.  I loved that place and want to take Larry there for beer and nachos.
Thanks to Cecilia I found this site that makes playing cards.  I made a deck for each of the boys.
Karen had the Boudens Christmas dinner the Saturday before Christmas and all the Livingstones came. It's been a long time since we saw all of them.

 I brought a fruit plate.
These are all the cousins minus Brittany, Allison and Connor.
Laura came home for Christmas and I had a girls get together on Monday and neither one of us took any pictures.  Christmas Eve found us on our electronics.
Christmas Day we went to Kim's for brunch and I brought a fruit salad.  Same fruit purchase, different format.
We opened our presents in the afternoon with some wine.
Laura and I gave each other photo gifts.
Greta sent us matching lululemon outfits.
Before Laura went home we went through the carwash (love this picture Laura took).
On Dec 29th, before all the snow came, Larry and I took a walk and walked our fastest recorded time of 3.8 mph.
Since I had tons of turkey leftover I made a turkey pot pie using this recipe but I put a pie crust on the top instead of the biscuits (because I had it in the refrigerator).  I have to admit it tasted really good.
We had an impromptu New Year's Eve dinner with Audrey and Steve and then I photoshopped hats on us.

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