Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boston and NH

On Friday morning I drove from Greta's to Laura's. I left later than I planned and because of traffic it took me longer than I plnnned too but it was perfect because I got to Laura's at the same time she got home from the gym.  We hung out and relaxed and enjoyed seeing each other.
Laura made her spectacular turkey burger salad for dinner.
 On Saturday we went into Boston.  We parked in the Prudential Center and walked over to Newbury Street and had lunch at Stephanie's.

 We went to Boston Commons and then Boston Public Gardens
 We saw the Ducklings
 And had a ceremonial exchange of Mom-Daughter bracelets
 A memorial for the Boston Marathon bombing
We meandered back to the car, knowing that we had passed the 3 hour $12 parking with a purchase in the Prudential Center (which we didn't have yet) but when we got back there we checked the ticket for the time we parked and realized unless we purchased something, got to the car and to the exit in 10 minutes we would have to pay the full rate of $36 instead of the $20- 4 hour rate.  We found something in Barnes & Noble and made it to the exit with 1 minute to spare!!!

 Before we left for New Hampshire Laura couldn't find her Sweet 'n Low that she had recently used.  Just before we were ready to leave she was changing Sydneys food and guess what she found.

Sunday we drove to NH to see Nadine's new house.  We loved sitting on her porch and Laura had all the dogs - Murdoch, Max and Nadine's friend Kathy's dog Sam to welcome her.
 Some relaxing and chatting  time on the porch after a nice, healthy lunch that Nadine had for us.
 At night we went into Wolfeboro and checked out Lake Winnipesaukee
 and had dinner at The Restaurant
 The House
The house got it's name because Murdoch would spend a lot of time in the driveway and when Nadine and Gerry would meet new people they would ask them where they lived and when they told them, the reply was always "Oh, the house with the big white dog."
 We walked Nadine's meditation garden
 At each corner was a birdhouse with a saying on it
 When you reached the center there were chairs and an umbrella as a reward
 Monday we went back to Laura's and she made chicken quesadillas for dinner.
I stayed until Thursday, while Laura went to work.  I did some walking and shopping and managed to fill the days without any problem.  I made some more turkey burgers so we could have more turkey burger salad.  YUM!!

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