Friday, July 26, 2013

San Antonio

On Saturday I drove to Greta's.  Sunday night we were going to San Antonio for Myles Diving Meet.
Sunday I went with the boys to Rocky Point while Greta went to a spin class.  After some diving there was some playing in the water.
 Charles is hobbling around on crutches because of his fractured tibia.
 Greta planted these mini-sunflowers from seeds and they look great.

 Here we are at JFK waiting for the AirTrain to take us to our terminal

 Once near the gate Greta and I enjoyed a good-bye NY glass of wine

This is the fantastic  complex where the diving meet was going to be held.  We drove by to see where it was before going into downtown San Antonio.

We wandered around the touristy things until it was time to get our trolley tour

And checked our electronics

Back at the swim complex for practice, Myles confers with Dylan, his coach

 The Marlins from Greenwich

There was always the initial sunscreen spraying in the parking lot

On Wednesday we went back to downtown so we could go to the Alamo and Riverwalk.  In order to access this parking spot, which was the only one available, it was necessary to go up on the curb.

Greta and Myles in front of the Alamo

We ate at the colored umbrella restaurant, Casa Rio, at the Riverwalk.

Myles got 2nd in the 3 meter

Three Moms and a Grandma

Look how good they are for the first time doing synchronized diving
And check out this video

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