Monday, August 5, 2013

Cape Cod

On Thursday I left Laura's and Larry and I drove out to the Cape to see Michael and Doris's new house in Chatham.  This is the view from the front.
Here is the back.
This is a door that got made into a wall.  We want to see how long it takes for the wood to get weathered.
Larry and I took a drive around town.
Michael and Larry enjoying a peaceful and afternoon.  Notice the family resemblance (elbow up!)
We took a walk along the beach one day.

Had beautiful sunsets each night.
The next day we took a hike that warned us that it was a deer tick habitat.   Wasn't that encouraging?
It's getting dark so the birds are rushing to get to their roosts.
And another sunset.
The next day we saw a turtle out on the back lawn.

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