Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surprise Party

Laura and Greta and all of Greta's family came to town for a surprise 70th birthday party for their Dad.
Myles, Hunter and Tucker stayed with us for the two nights they were here and in no time they each found a computer to use. 

 Saturday while Laura and Greta were decorating
I took them to play miniature golf and to Abbotts for ice cream.
I wasn't invited to the party but since I had to drive down there to pick up all the leftovers, how could I resist crashing the party and wishing John a happy birthday
 and meeting Ann

A good picture of Laura, John and Greta
Myles didn't want to go back down to the clubhouse but it looks like Tucker, Hunter and Greta are enjoying make your own sundaes and cake.

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Em said...

Looks like it was a fun par-tay! Now onto the Brokaw family thanksgiving extravaganza!