Thursday, February 27, 2014

Laura Visit

I took Amtrak for 11 hours to visit Laura and it was such a fun ride.  It was long, but I didn't have to pay attention to the road which wasn't the greatest for driving in certain areas but I was also able to not only listen to my book but also knit!!

I arrived in Boston only a little late and Laura was there to pick me up.  It was Valentines Day and she had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me.  One of the big pluses for the weekend was that my cortisone shot kicked in and my hip wasn't bothering me.
On Saturday we made a trip to WW since it was the last day for my weigh-in and I was at goal - YEA!!
Then we went to TJ Maxx which was just across the street and we both scored in the shopping department.  Laura finally got the purse she was looking for since Christmas and another one too!  I got 2 white sweaters which I've been looking for.  Well, I was looking for one but sound a shrug and a long one.  After that we went grocery shopping because a storm was forecasted for later in the day and didn't want to be caught without supplies.
On Sunday there was enough snow for the plow guy to come but it wasn't as bad as further east.  While Laura was at the gym, I made squash soup.

Monday we went to check out where the new Wegmans was going to be in Newton and did a tour of Equinox which is above it.
The country club of fitness clubs!

Then we went to Best Buy and updated Laura's TV.

And we never even took any pictures of us until I left on Tuesday morning.
Unfortunately (for Larry more than me) my train getting back to Rochester was 2 hours late so he had to pick me up at 1:00 AM.

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