Sunday, March 23, 2014


I discovered an app called Waterlogue that hooked me and I got a little carried away when I started trying it out.  What it does creates a watercolor from a photo.  There are lots of options for creating the watercolors, so of course,  I had to try them out.  I quit after saving almost 500 pictures that I liked.  Since I had a Groupon for a photobook that was expiring soon I decided to save some of the photos in a book.  Each page has the original picture along with one of the results from Waterlogue.
Below is an example of 12 different styles you can get.  Unfortunately at the present time I can't find the original.  When I come across it I'll post it here.
The styles of the Waterlogue pictures, left to right, top to bottom are:
Natural, Rainy, Soaked, Illustration, Color Bloom, Fashionable, Blotted, Bold, Luminous, It's Technical, Travelogue,  Shallow

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