Sunday, December 22, 2013

USPS - what's up??

I mailed 2 packages to Greta on Tuesday, Dec 17th.
They were mailed with the same mailing labels, at the same counter, at the same time with Priority Mail 2-Day Shipping (although not guaranteed) and scheduled delivery of Dec 20.

These are the trackings of both.
Today is Sunday, Dec 22.
The first goof happened when it went to Sodus.  Somebody must have thrown it in the wrong bin.
And now it appears to be stuck in never-never-land.

Although my other thought is that the post office has stopped tracking because I got a notice a few days ago that a package was shipped to me and it hasn't shown up yet in the tracking system.

All's well that ends well
Greta called me this afternoon to say that she got the package.  Delivered on Sunday.
Just checked to see the tracking information.  I'm glad it got there in time for Christmas.

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