Friday, December 6, 2013


Well, it's been 1 week since Thanksgiving so I suppose it's about time that I get to it.

Larry and I drove to New York on Thursday morning and found a great parking spot outside of Aunt Harrie's apartment. We brought the appetizers with us, deviled eggs, hummus, chopped liver (in memory of Aunt Millie who I remember bringing it to all the Thanksgivings we had at Aunt Harrie's when we were kids) veggies and crackers. The reason I'm listing this is so that I can remember if I ever want to do it again.  I also brought roasted brussel sprouts, a cranberry jello relish and wine.

We had the best time.  We arrived around 2 and everyone was there except for Em, Jon and Luke.  Emily got a speeding ticket on her way so she was trying to get there earlier (although I heard she always has a heavy foot).  I'll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.  In case I never mentioned it before, this is where all our Thanksgiving's were held for as long as I can remember.  The last one I remember going to was after I was married in 1965 and it was the time that Grandma managed to get John & I and Mom & Dad together after I eloped, but I digress - - let the pictures show the fun.

Thursday night we stayed at the B&B a few blocks from Greta's, the Harbor House Inn.  We pass it all the time but never stayed there.  This time we stayed because Greta's was overbooked.  It was fun this particular weekend because there were people from all over staying there, South America, Europe and of course USA.   On Friday we went into the city for lunch at Osteria al Doge, 15 of us, and had the whole upstairs.

We said good bye to Kay, Gerry & Ashley, Em, Jon & Luke and the rest of us walked around the city

 making our way over to Radio City for the Christmas Spectacular.
 We then made our way back to Greta's for a couple of hours until bedtime.
Saturday morning everyone went home.
The End

Hope we can do it again, it was so much fun.

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Em said...

heavy foot! ha! what rumors!!! we had a lovely time as well. so fun to see everyone, just like my childhood!!!