Thursday, December 5, 2013


I just designed my own photo gift at Printers Studio:

This is an example of the cards I just ordered for each of the boys.  Each card has the same picture on the back but with their name on the stocking.  On the front, each card has a different picture, but maybe not for the same card because I had to recreate the 3 decks.

I sent a question through their site asking about whether there was a way to duplicate a project.  When I saw that it could take 2 business days to get an answer, I called.  They couldn't help me so I recreated 2 more decks which mainly involved rotating most of the pictures 90° on the cards.  When I went to bed, I saw that I got an email telling me how to do it so I'm writing it here so I remember in case I want to do something like this again.

"You can finish one project and save it in your "Wishlist", then you can add it in shopping cart repeatedly and edit it in shopping cart."

I tried this but what he failed to mention was that the items are still in the Wishlist after they are moved to the shopping cart (unlike Amazon) which makes this possible.

Their next version will have the feature to save variations of the project.  They are really good with customer support.

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