Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Football Cake

When I asked what I should bring to her Super Bowl Party, and Patti said "you’re my go-to sweets girl so a dessert would be good,"  I wanted to make something chocolate and when I went to Wegmans and walked past the bakery department and saw this cake for $12 I thought,

"I can make one that
looks better than that!"

<--Wegmans                    Mine -->
 I used a Devil's Food Cake mix (a little lazy here) in 2 - 9 in cake pans

and the buttercream frosting recipe from here  (YUM, YUM).  After creaming the butter and sugar I took out 1/2 cup to leave white and then continued with the chocolate using the same proportions as if that 1/2 cup was still there.

To shape the football
1- make sure that 1 of the halves is flat on top (while still warm, lightly press down with a towel to flatten)
2 - when completely cool and ready to frost, stack the halves with flat one on top and cut in half through both

3-frost the inner halves and put together
4-frost the outer ones and add to the inner
5-Trim ends to shape for football, pressing sides together to make it more compact.
6-Move to the serving dish before frosting the top and sides
7-Add cream/milk to the white frosting and more sugar to get desired amount and consistency
8-pipe through a cake decorator to get the desired trim
I added some team emblems for the party and strawberries around the side.
 Go Ravens!!

I brought a little spring into our kitchen but I should have cleaned the island before taking this picture.

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