Sunday, February 10, 2013

1880 House

We went on a Hugger trip this weekend to the 1880 House.  First time since 2006 and we had a really good time.  We got the cute little Annex next door all to ourselves.

Because of the weather forecast, we went up a day early and were able to go XC skiing on Friday
and then try out our new snowshoes on Saturday when it was beautiful and sunny.  It was the girls and Larry.  Obviously Larry took this picture.
 Here he is being our trailblazer.

Linda got a new cat, Teeka, since we were there last and just love his Buddha pose.
We didn't get as much snow up there on Friday as they did back in Webster but probably 6-8 inches but we did have a bit of excitementwhen the snow started coming down and the roads were slippery.  Some poor 17 year old boy who was driving an impenetrable truck skidded up the front steps and was stopped by the house.  No one was injured and the truck didn't even look dented but a storm window was broken and a lamppost knocked down.

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