Saturday, November 3, 2012

Myrtle Beach - Day 6

Today was a movie day and it wasn't even bad weather.  We watched two movies in the morning, just sort of got hooked into them, one after the other.
  • House of D - David Duchovny & Tea Leoni
  • Sister Mary Explains it All - Diane Keaton
and at night it was a Katherine Heigl double feature
  • Knocked up
  • The Ugly Truth
I think it was just a break from attending all the planned activities during the week.
Of course we did our daily walk on the beach.  The Saturday beach crowd was out full force and there were even 2 people in the water.  It was even warm enough for me to go barefoot.  And of course we went in the hottub and were going to try the pool again so I could document it but by the time we went it was too cold for me.

On our first walk on the beach my natural instinct was to bend down and pick up shells.  Then I remembered I wasn't going to collect shells this trip since I still had shells in a bag at home.  OK - I didn pocket 6 of them and then today I added 3 more - oh well!  Lucky for me there weren't many shells this year.

Then we packed and ate our leftover restaurant food.  It was a mellow day as we got ready for our trip down to Hilton Head with a stop at Wadmalaw to see Jacqui and the new house.  Gerry has an early flight tomorrow.

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